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Emergency button is now state-of-the-art, providing safety for Man and the machine. We offers a wide range of Safety Components for the protection of Man, machines and production goods in emergency situations.

It is the purpose of an Emergency-Stop device to deflect or minimize the risk as quickly as possible and optimally in the event of an emergency arising. 

Emergency button can be used as Panic Alarm. A panic alarm is an electronic device designed to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists.
A panic alarm is frequently but not always controlled by a concealed panic alarm button. These buttons can be connected to a monitoring center or locally via a silent alarm or an audible bell/siren. The alarm can be used to request emergency assistance from local security, police or emergency services. Some systems can also activate closed-circuit television to record or assess the event.
Many panic alarm buttons lock on when pressed, and require a key to reset them.