CHINT DIGITAL VOLTMETER AMMETER PA7777 PZ7777 Malaysia Thailand Singapore Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Europe USA


 measure and display the current&voltage value in the electrical circuit with digital direct reading method. The meter can be used as normal digital Ammeter、Voltmeter, it can also be used as current/voltage transmitter with the function of displaying one measuring value by installing the analog input module. It can be used as current/voltage data collector with the function of displaying one measuring current by adopting RS-485 digital communication module, it can also be used for protecting over-limit alarm of normal current、voltage by adopting the relay input module. Besides, by adopting all the three function modules, it can be a multi-functional network electric meter, which has measuring, alarming, transmitting, communicating, etc. functions.

There are programmable keys on the panel, which can program and set parameters including transformer rate、upper and lower limit alarm value、communication address of the meter、communication baud rate、transmitting output method、transmitting output range, etc. parameters.

Specification and selection instructions

Note: the size code 1,3,7,8 can be collocated 3 functional modules at the same time, the size code 2,4,5,6 can only choose one functional module optionally.


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