Interface Terminal Blocks | I/O Terminal Blocks

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I/O terminal blocks are widely used to connect various devices in a industrial environments and accomplish ideal system configurations
IOLINK · Interface Terminal Block · PLC Front Connector · Connector Type I/O Distributor 
Terminal Connectors · Terminal Part · Slim Size Relay Terminal
DIN Track Terminal Blocks which produces space in the control panel.
Terminal Block I/O Breakout Interface Modules
37-pin D-SUB Connector Type 
96-pin half-pitch cable 
96-pin half-pitch one-ended cable 
68-pin 0.8 mm pitch one-ended cable 
50-pin miniature ribbon one-ended cable 
37-pin D-SUB one-ended cable

  • Reduce Wiring Time
    • Compared to the traditional method of wiring each point to the I/O, wiring is completed in a fraction of time when using terminal block.
  • Reduce Wiring Error
    • Wiring system cable are pre-tested to ensure 100% accurate connections.
    • No more crossed wires and loose connections between the I/O module and the terminal block.
    • Cables are snapped, no need to find the wrong pr loose connection.
    • Wiring errors can take several minutes to track down and correct.
  • Increased Volume And Productivity
    • Cable interconnections by using a terminal block can up to 30 times faster than traditional point-to-point wiring.
    • OEMs and panel builders can use terminal block wiring systems to build panels faster and produce more machines.
  • Simplify Wiring To Different PLC
    • Mitsubishi
    • Omron Panasonic
    • Allen Bradley
    • Siemens
    • Nais
    • Yaskawa
  • Quality Looking Panels
    • Terminal Block organize the wiring in your panel and provide a consistent look.