Mean Well AC/DC LED Driver-HLG Series

Wattage :
Features :
  • 90~305VAC input, built-in active PFC function
  • 96% high efficiency (HLG-600H)
  • Metal case, IP67/IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Function options:
output adjustable via potentiometer; 3 in 1 dimming (1~10Vdc or 10V PWM signal or resistance); timer dimming
  • Type ''HL'' LED drivers for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location luminaries
  • Suitable for LED street lighting, outdoor LED lighting and general outdoor applications with high IP requirement
  • IP68/-55℃ startup/10G vibration options available (Please contact MEAN WELL for details)
  • 7 years warranty 

HLG-40H / HLG-60H / HLG-80H / HLG-100H / HLG-120H / HLG-150H / HLG-185H / HLG-240H / HLG-320H / HLG-480H / HLG-600H


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